Crossy Road Characters List: How to Unlock Everything (Part 1)

Crossy Road is an endless Frogger-like from Hipster Whale. In our previous guide, we provided tips on dodging traffic and other hazards in order to snag a high score. This guide will explicitly cover the different characters in Crossy Road, and how to unlock those that have special requirements. We will update this Crossy Road characters list with new info on any additional characters added to Crossy Road in the future.


Below, all currently available characters are grouped into different types: those that are winnable but do not visually change the world (Basic), those that are winnable but do visually change the world (Special), and those that must be unlocked in a certain way/cannot be won in the randomized gacha lottery (Unlockable). Within these individual groups, characters are generally listed in the order they appear on the character select screen in-game.

This was mentioned in our previous guide but is worth clarifying again: no character has an advantage while playing. No one runs faster, jumps farther, or earns more points. You may find some characters easier to play than others—e.g., characters that run in the dark make it harder to see obstacles ahead—but there is no specific technical advantage to playing one over the other. Play with whomever you want, and have fun!

Basic Characters

These characters run on the normal daytime road. They do not change the appearance of the world. They may make unique sounds or movements, but these are self-contained.


crossyroad_chickenThe starter character and iconic chicken. She clucks while jumping.


mallard_crossyroadHe quacks. Used to unlock Andy Sum.

Baby Duck:

baby_duck_crossy_roadHe has a slightly higher-pitched quack than Mallard.

Poopy Pigeon:

poopy_pigeon_crossy_roadAbout every ten seconds, Poopy Pigeon lets out a fart noise and leaves a pile of white bird droppings on the ground.

Giddy Goat:

giddy_goat_crossy_roadAlternates between a high-pitched goat bleat and a lower-pitched, grumpy growl.

Fluffy Sheep:

fluffy_sheep_crossy_roadBaas while jumping.

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